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We #Always deliver #More
#Something More that
#Adds More Value to Your Life

What we are going to be delivering to you, is a completely New Style of SUSHI which we call Sushi and More!


Sushi and More #Happiness.

Years ago, sushi was originally eaten to celebrate special occasions.

If something good happened to you today, why not buy our Sushi and take it home or have it delivered to you?


Sushi and More #Be with Family. Sushi in the good old days, was used as special gifts to give to precious people like your family or your most important guests.


If you want to make someone happy today, why don’t you take Sushi home? Sushi and More #Wish. It has long been said, if you strongly wish for something, that wish would come true as you eat and enjoy your Sushi. If you are striving towards and working very hard for a dream to achieve something, why not buy Sushi for your home today?


Sushi and More #Colourful. Sushi is very beautiful, and it is fantastic to look at, and Sushi cheers you up. If you are a bit tired today and want to feel better and cheer you up, why don’t you buy Sushi today for your home?


Sushi and More #Healthy. Sushi is very healthy. If you are watching out for your health, why don’t you buy our Sushi today for your home today?


Sushi has a very long and rich history, and it is simply not only “Food”, it is at times #Fashionable, at times #Exciting and always #Healthy, and from the ancient times to our contemporary age of today, it has added “More” to our lives, always enriching our lives.


Sushi and More #Love & Wellness. We at Sushi and More, together with our “Sushi” will promise to deliver health and love to you.


#Harry-san’s guarantee. Our founder Harry-san, guarantees that our Sushi and More dishes served for all our customers in India, will be delivered according to the concept presented above.


We promise you that

our Sushi and More dishes delivered to you are:

01. Tasty and delicious

02. So wow and amazing

in look visually

03. Fashionable and 


04. Positively impacts

and boosts the 

wellness and beauty,

immune system

05. Quick and affordable

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